Saturday, May 12, 2012

with Hot Booty wife

Mr.M had been in touch with me for quite a while,exchanging emails with me after he has seen my posts in one of the forum. He was consistent in all throughout the exchanges about his fantasy of seeing his voluptuous wife being taken care of by an expert cocksman. He wanted so badly to give Mrs.M  the pleasures of a darksome pecker but appeared to be unable to approach the subject with her. Though he has hinted it to her,she never really thought he will take it to a serious level. Let alone finding a discrete and ready Bull  to aid with his dream. . He  appeared to be nervous as he attempted to ask me if I would be okay with him filming us,when it happens. I replied “no problem, as long as you are willing to me show me some of your captures”. He said he would be more than willing to share some of the pictures but not video as it would compromise their identity.I said fine by me.

I felt it's my duty to step up and give wings to Mr.M’s fantasies and  the pleasures to Mrs.M. The first time I heard her voice, it trickled of pleasant sweetheart with her sweet seductive sound. We started out with the occasional miniature talk on the phone and then escalated into a mild flirtation. As our conversations became more frequent we began to feel the raunchy tension build between us. What began as husband’s dream became evident that his wife was much more  than what husband painted it out to be.